What is happening with UN Cares?

28 May, 2019

Since 2016, UN Cares has been under review. Established in 2007, based on the 1991 UN system personnel policy on HIV in the workplace, UN Cares can be thought of as an occupational safety and health initiative that pre-dated the organization having a larger occupational safety and health (OSH) framework. Such a framework has since been approved by the High-Level Committee on Management, in April 2015.
In addition, while HIV remains an issue relevant to UN system personnel, health insurance, sick leave and disability claims records indicate that there are other health and wellbeing issues that affect larger numbers of UN system colleagues, among these, mental health conditions.
In light of this, a more strategic use of resources is to integrate work on HIV into other more recent approaches, rather than maintain a stand-alone programme on HIV.
Therefore, as of 1 August 2019, UN Cares has reached the end of its mandate at the global level. Country-level teams may choose to continue activities at their own discretion.  For more details, please read all our Frequently Asked Questions here.