Planning for the future

What about reproductive health and planning for the future?

If you are in a relationship and one of you is HIV-positive, it is possible for you to enjoy a healthy relationship and sex life. If one partner is HIV-negative and the other HIV-positive, it is important to use condoms correctly and consistently. If you are living with HIV, maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow all measures so as to not infect your partner. Discuss concerns and planning for the future with your partner. If you are considering having a child, talk with your doctor about whether this would be a healthy option. If you do decide to have a child, you may want to inquire about assisted reproductive health options such as insemination or checking to make sure that the viral load is undetectable and ensuring that unprotected sex occurs in the fertile period only. Lastly, know that if you are living with HIV you can enjoy the same quality of life, including your sex life, as any other person.