Managing Stress

Conversations for Change is a self-help tool designed by UN colleagues to help us in coping with stress and managing change in our ever evolving world and work environments. It is broken into six conversations, with the idea of either working through one chapter at a time (for example, one per week) or choosing the chapters that you think are useful to you, and includes techniques to build self- awareness, relieve and prevent stress, increase effectiveness in relationships and improve money management skills. Please note: The World Bank Group s course: MONEY MATTERS. Budgeting: Developing a Financial Road Map is complementary to the content of the third conversation on money mastery.

Each chapter is constructed as a conversation on a theme and includes interactive exercises; each conversation begins with a metaphorical story to get you thinking. Interspersed are experiences from your colleagues about their struggles and successes. The three over-arching topics of the course are: improving personal well-being, increasing effectiveness in our work lives and coping better with issues relating to HIV. Whether you work through this tool on your own, with another colleague (in person or virtually) or in a group, our hope is that it will help you find solutions for coping better with stress in our complex lives. We are also pleased to offer this tool in French and Spanish as well.

Download the tool

  Conversations for Change - English [PDF - 3.5 MB]

  Conversations for Change - Spanish [PDF - 3.5 MB]

  Conversations for Change - French [PDF - 3.5 MB]