Basic facts about HIV and AIDS

Today, we have clear answers to many key questions about HIV. This web site provides information on HIV that we and our families may need.

Knowledge is powerful. Because it is committed to a fair, equitable and respectful workplace, the UN system is committed to ensure that all  personnel are fully informed about issues that can affect the workplace, including HIV. We have a right to access and understand UN system policies on HIV infection and AIDS disease.

UN Cares is the UN system-wide workplace programme on HIV, which provides UN personnel and their families access to information, learning opportunities, preventive commodities, post-exposure prophylaxis (treatment taken immediately after exposure to HIV in an effort to prevent infection) and a supportive and respectful work environment as established by the UN Cares 10 Minimum Standards. The UN Cares website and the UN Cares Services Directory on HIV can provide more information. The Minimum Standards, the UN HIV/AIDS Personnel Policy and the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work provide the framework for UN workplace programmes. The ILO Code of Practice is the internationally recognized benchmark for HIV-related workplace policies.

Many questions about HIV, UN Cares and UN system policies will be answered during the mandatory learning sessions on HIV. If you have not attended a learning session (or would like to do so again) or are in a remote area, contact the UN Cares/Learning Strategy Facilitators ( in your duty station.

We have learned a great deal about HIV since the UN system began responding to it in 1987. At that time, many important questions remained unanswered. What were the best means of preventing HIV infection? Could AIDS ever be cured? How might HIV best be handled in the workplace? Today, we have answers to these and many other key questions.

HIV is an ever-changing epidemic that affects us worldwide. However, it is possible to avoid exposure of HIV by being aware of the latest information and taking the necessary precautions. This website provides vital information on HIV that is designed to help you and your family:

  • BE AWARE of the essential facts about HIV and AIDS;
  • LIVE positively in response to HIV; and
  • CONTRIBUTE TO A UN THAT CARES by committing to a fair, equitable and respectful workplace.
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