About Us

In April 2003, the UNAIDS partners agreed to work towards achieviing an important goal: to improve learning opportunities for UN staff members on HIV/AIDS. We must ensure that all of us in the UN:

  • are able to make informed decisions to protect ourselves from HIV
  • know where to turn for the best possible care and treatment if we are infected or affected by HIV
  • fully understand the UN's HIV/AIDS workplace policies and how they are implemented.

Understanding the UN's HIV/AIDS workplace policies also means that we work to ensure that all of us in the UN experience a supportive and compassionate work environment free of fear and discrimination against those among us who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and those of us who seek information about HIV/AIDS.

This website is one of the tools to help UN staff members learn about HIV and AIDS. As Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has stated in September 2002:

"It is the responsibility of every modern employer to take adequate measures to address the troubling reality of the global AIDS epidemic. Although the Organization has a policy of non-discriminatory employment, medical support systems and information dissemination for personnel with HIV/AIDS, its implementation has been uneven. We must ensure that all personnel are provided with adequate information and access to medical care and counselling."

In this website, you'll have easy access to:

We've included information and links from inside and outside the UN, on-line exercises, a site where you can ask questions and share experiences. If you have suggestions for how we can make this site even better, please let us know!