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The UN for All project on dignity and inclusion in the UN system workplace, is a global awareness-raising effort that offers half-day workshops to UN system personnel around the world on topics that include unconscious bias, inclusive language, and the human rights of LGBTI persons, those with a disability and people who use substances. For more, click here.

UN Cares in Action : Latest News

Tanzania: Focal points received training

From 16th – 18th May 2016, UN Cares Focal points training workshop was held at Coral Beach Hotel in Dar Es Salaam for the members of UN Cares inter-agency team representing about 14 UN agencies in Tanzania. About 20 UN Cares focal points participated in this three-day training workshop which focused on strengthening capacity for coordination of UN Cares implementation in the country by making sure that the UN policies on HIV and 10 Minimum Standards are understood by all personnel and their families.

The training also focused on introducing to the focal points the new UN for All modules related to human rights and respect for sexual diversity by ensuring dignity and inclusion and prevent stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

Uganda: Interactive Seminar on HIV for Staff Dependents

UN Cares Uganda held a Youth Seminar for 200 Kids of UN Employees 8-18 years for an interactive seminar on HIV and AIDS!

The Youth Seminar aimed to provide the Youth with the necessary life-skills on HIV education and prevention. It was a day of fun and games! The HIV messages were communicated through Choir and Drama Songs, Plays, HIV Quiz Competitions and Age appropriate focus group discussions on HIV Education.

United States: One more year of success at the AIDS Walk in New York

May 17, New York: Staff members across all UN agencies came together with their family and friends to participate in the AIDS Walk in New York's beautiful Central Park. AIDS Walk takes place every year to create awareness about HIV and to raise funds and support for people living with HIV and AIDS. This year the team exceeded its fundraising goal by mobilizing $5,578, most of this due to the amazing effort of Bruce Sherouse who alone raised an amazing $2,261. Thanks and congratulations to all who participated and contributed.

Dominican Republic: UN Cares en República Dominicana recibe taller sobre Derechos Humanos en el lugar de trabajo (UN for All)

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Santo Domingo – El equipo interagencial UN Cares en República Dominicana y colegas aliados del sistema recibieron el pasado 28 de abril el primer taller de UN For All, sobre Derechos Humanos universales y su relevancia para el lugar de trabajo de la ONU.

Timor Leste: Bringing knowledge to all UN workers

UN Cares Team in Timor-Leste conducted a UN Cares first learning session targeting UN drivers, cleaners and contractors. The UN RC gave opening remarks to the session. One Resource person from the Ministry of Health was also invited and attended the learning session. Topics that were presented to the session were on UN Cares, SRHR (Sexual Reproductive Human Rights), on HIV/AIDS and also on GBV (Gender Based Violence).

Significant number of participants attended the learning session which were represented from various agencies, namely UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO, FAO, UN Women and UN Common Premises.

Morocco: UN Cares Team Roll Out 2 UN for All training sessions

Following their participation in the regional training for trainers held in Cairo November 2015, the UN Cares Morocco Team was very enthusiastic about rolling out the UN for All modules in Morocco.

During the celebration of Zero Discrimination Day they introduced UN for All in a nutshell. Later in April the UN Cares Team in Morocco rolled out two UN for All sessions on 7 and 12 April to present the 2 new modules on Human Rights (Core Module) and inclusion of LGBTI personnel in the UN workplace (LGBTI module).

UNCARES-Ethiopia conducts fourth round life skills training

UNCARES-Ethiopia conducted the fourth round life skills training for children of UN Staff. A total of seventy children in the age range of 13 to 18 participated in the training which was held from August 24-28, 2015. On the final date of the training parents were invited for a parenting session to discuss on the topics raised by the kids during their training. During the session, parents were urged to take active role in the life of their children.

 UN Cares Learning Session for UN Staff Dependents

On 8 August 2015, the UN CARES programme organized a learning session for the UN staff dependents 10 – 19 years old. The overall objective of the learning session for the UN staff dependents was to create awareness within this target group regarding to sexual reproductive health and HIV, its risks, vulnerabilities, measures for prevention and existing stigma and discrimination around the disease.

In April 2014 we announced the 2014 edition of the UN Cares Award.This is the second edition of this initiative that seeks to recognize the outstanding work by UN Cares teams all over the world. Nine judges carefully reviewed all entries and selected a winner for each category plus 3 honorable mentions. Click here to see who the winners are and to find a message by the UN Secretary General addressed to the winning teams.


Take a look at some voices from around the world explaining why UN Cares continues to be relevant and necessary in the UN System. This video was presented at the last HR Network meeting in Rome on 16 July 2014. During that meeting the heads of HR of the UN System approved the continuation of UN Cares for the years 2016 and 2017.

To watch the video please click here

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